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NEXT VIEW glass printing technology enables you to explore new possibilities in modern glass design by transforming architectural glass into a platform for artistic expression. Imprint your most creative designs on glass to create iconic, breathtaking architecture that reflects your unique vision.


NEXT VIEW’s advanced technology enables optimum functionality with architectural glass, without limiting the range, quality or color of designs. Digital ceramic glass frit supports a wide range of serviceable requirements such as energy efficiency, light scattering and glare reduction.


Glass is one of the most versatile, cost effective and sustainable building materials available. Digitally printed glass panels are eco-friendly, cost-efficient to replace and can assist in obtaining LEED and other environmental and sustainable architecture certifications.


NEXT VIEW provides you with an ever-growing supply of tools for digitally printed frit glass. Discover how new offerings such as Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1 Inks or Slip Resistant Ink can open new windows of opportunity and brilliant designs.

Recommended architectural applications for fritted glass

Whether you’re looking to create a fritted glass balustrade, fritted glass windows, or a fritted glass façade, Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing can make your project shine. There is no application too small, or too large. No design too subtle, or too bold.

Combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, fritted glass can be used to effectively blend the seams between glass panels on a sheer-faced structure, moderate transparency throughout different points on an edifice, or create a strong graphic statement across an entire installation or select building parts.

Whatever your needs, our team of professional architects, designers and technicians, can help you dream, design and build, with a guiding hand down to the finest detail of practical implementation. Amazing things can be achieved with Dip-Tech digital fritted glass!

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