Engine X

Engine X


Nano Pt & Short CNT are uniformly dispersed in engine oil

Nano materials are coated in scratched part of engine inner surface

Nano Pt : Promote perfected combustion, decrease toxic waste gas

Short CNT in Nano size

Improve lubrication & thermal conductivity

High performance engine oil additive

Decrease fuel consumption, Improve engine performance, Prevent wearing of friction surface of engine, Less noisy


Motor, Aircraft, Vessel, Motorcycle, Industrial Engine


Engine oil additive

Short CNT

Nano Pt

How to Use

In common use for Gasoline, Diesel, LPG.

After shaking several times, pour EnginAid into engine oil in any time, but after engine oi exchange is better.

With one bottle, no need to change engine oil up to 20,000~30,000 km, but we recommend up to 10,000 km in order to get better effects.